A guideline about slot games for beginners

Introduction to slot games

Online gambling is one exciting topic because for most gamblers, it is a hope of winning some really good money if consistency is anything to go by. For those who have already registered with gambling sites such as Casual Gaming, you can agree to the fact that a number of them have features of online slots and this makes many gamblers enjoy the game without necessarily visiting a land based casino to take part in such a game. It is a fact that online gambling is quite diverse and you will find any game you would like to engage in the available sites without exhausting them because each site has its own bunch of games.

While there may be a lot of conflicting information regarding online slot games, one thing for sure is that these games are real and until you register in a site offering the same you will live to believe that they are not as real as they are put to be. Some may be wondering how exactly they work, so we are going into details to find out how they operate so that the next time you want to engage in some game, you have some clue on what is expected of you during the game session.

Understanding how online slots work

You may have your own ideas and opinions about online slot games, but there is only one truth about them and how they work. We are going to look at some of the terms that explain online slots games so that you have the idea of how this whole thing works out. Let us start out with one particular term that is about understanding random number generator (RNG).

  • Random Number Generator (RNG): If you engage an online slot machine, you will find out that the machine is usually triggered to produce some random sequences after a millisecond around the clock and this produces different numbers which are all random whenever you click a spin button which is quite made visible on that particular page. This is usually applied to almost all casinos and the bottom line of all this is that the involved software which is an RHG software usually works on algorithms which usually determine the outcome of each and every spin that you happen to bet on so that you can find out if luck was on your side or if you were willing to try out yet again.

There is much controversy surrounding how these machines get to decide who wins and who loses, but the truth is that the machine is just designed to operate on programmed mathematical software sequences whose sequence is initiated by your spin so that it can generate results. There are a lot of numbers involved which spin at speeds of hundreds per milliseconds and the moment you click on the spin interface using your mouse, you get to initiate a spin that will finally reveal your outcome. There are usually a number of slot games as you will find out in some of these sites like Casual Gaming amongst other slot casino online gambling sites and we are going to look at some of those types here.

Types of slot games that you will find in online slot games websites

For those who are yet to join online slot games websites, it is good that you get to know some of the available slot games you are likely to find once you register in one of those sites. For those who are already into the online slot games, there could be a chance that you have not familiarized yourself with all of the available slot games offered in the particular site that you are registered on and so its time you got to know those other types. This is a list of some of them;

  • 3-reel slot games: Starting us off is this kind of game that seems to be the simplest of all the slot games. It is that game those new beginners are advised to start with if they seek to progress to the more complicated ones and by cracking this one, chances are that you will do just fine when it comes to the other ones. To say it is easy is not to say that you can win quickly, but only when you have understood the basics which are involved in it. This type of slot game usually features three reels and upon clicking the spin interface, the RNG machine is obligated to stop at three symbols and on a straight line. If the reel stops on the chosen symbols then you get to win and if not you lose and generate another spin. There are high chances of this slot game to feature some handsome jackpots.
  • A bonus slot game: This type of slot game is that which attracts many players because there are chances of getting a bonus round which creates even more chances of winning. The players are also treated to free spins where they get to win some coins as is the case with sites like Casual Gaming among many others. A site that offers this kind of slot game attracts many players who would like to take advantage of such offers and it is important to note that not all sites offer such bonuses.
  • Progressive jackpot slot games: These kind of slot games are highly rewarding to their players and the jackpots get to grow every other time. These types of slot games however greatly favor those who usually bet big progressively because they are handed a number of bet spins which increases their chances of winning. This feature makes slot games sites register a lot of players seeking to bag the chance of winning big and whenever there is a winner, the jackpot starts to build up from the bottom again. There are various types of progressive jackpot slot games such as multiple progressive jackpot, standalone progressive jackpot, network progressive jackpot among others.

Everything You Need To Know About Clash Of Clans

There is no way that you have not recently come across any ads about the clash of clans. Television ads? Check, facebook ads? Check, Instagram ads? Check, any social media ads? Check and you probably know one adult or child that is addicted to the game recently. Although, the animations and the character in the ads are cute – there is much more to the game than just the cute characters shown in the advertisements.

It is one of those games that has been pulled out from some of the ancient forms of gaming and compiles it with always and forever online & fast look mobile gaming to take you to a gaming occurrence that will suck everyone in it so quickly you will not have any time to even resist.

What is it about?

Clash of Clans is a very popular game which is available for both the iOS and Android that has taken over the gaming world in a short amount of time. We mean, think about it, how many gaming apps do actually get their own TV ads? Very few. The hugely successful ones. So, what does it make Clash of Clans? A hugely successful one. At the core, Clash of clans is identified to be a strategy game basically where the person with the maximum number of trophies is one the top of the game. It is also a freemium game – takes no payment for playing this game.


Like the most of the typical tabletop games, COC can also be divided into more than one phases – build & attack. The game isn’t explicitly divided into such categories, but it is understandable. In the game, you must start by building a clan (community). As with time your village (clan) improves and flourishes, you get more opportunities to build new buildings, new walls, expanding your clan. Village growth typically refers to updating of the town hall, in turn, means climbing the ladder of level which unlocks more possibilities for the defensive and offensive systems of the clans.

First Phase – Building your clan (village or community)

Like any other games with the level, the primary updation, collection, and organizing of the level take almost next to no time but as the level upgrades, the difficulty level in updating and the conditions also increases. A big fraction of building your village has to be, defending it. As stated the second part of the game is to attack any worthy village you find – this does not imply that only you will be the one attacking. There will be others to attack your village too and you need to keep the defenses of top notch as it does not happen in real time. You have to place proper defenses while anticipating how the enemy can attack your clan.

Once your village is destroyed, it will build itself back again to the former condition once you tap on the graves. But during this process, you lose trophies & resources for building the village back up. You will just after the re-build up, have a guard to protect your village from attacks for a certain time until you decide what to do with the defenses again.

Second Phase – Attack other clans

The second phase of the game, the action stage is a slightly more enjoyable phase than the former. As peaceful and mind-boggling the first phase is, the second phase brings the awaited excitement and sense of thrill and adrenaline in the game. You are provided with two options here – solitary player & online. If you decide the single-player mode, you will be set off in opposition to one of the goblin bases that are there in the game for helping you learn and challenge you to be better. As you level up, there is not only increase in the difficulty level in the first phase of building a village but also in the second phase to defeat a clan. It becomes difficult to do so as the defenses that are in the road to the destruction of the clans are also upgraded. The winning now needs a lot of thought put together.

However, when you choose to go online the game makes you stand against other player’s clan that he has build up and also gives you the option to choose which particular clan you want to attack. You only have the control over placing a soldier in the game; you have zero power over the soldiers once you have placed them. Most of the troops – any type – assault the nearby defense against them.

Some of the troops in the game will show you some extensive features or abilities such as taking a wall down etc. but mostly all are regular troops. Your final goal here has to be 100% destruction. These attacks help you get gold, elixir & dark elixir. These items that can be used for various purposes – for building self-defenses again, train the troops, upgrade them and also to maybe make the spells. The ultimate goal here is to reach the top. To reach to the top, you need to invest quite a bit of your time in up gradation of troops, clans and for developing the best of strategies for both offense and defense.

‘MMO’ part

Clans are basically a group of people who have come together to support each other either through reinforcements or advice. So, you and your clan can go and attack any other clan you want to. The other communities are also run by real groups of players.


They are most likely the most important resources in the game. The gems let you upgrade things in a much shorter period of time. They can also be used to boost barracks, buildings, etc.

Clan Wars

Every clan has one head and one co-head and either of them can start a war. Before the war, every clan gets a day or two days of preparation. Every player in the clan gets to attack twice while the war is on. If each of the teams has the same star count, the team with greater destruction percentage is the victor clan. If you are the ones who do not lose, you get all the bonus loot; however, if you do lose you will get only one-third of the available loot.

So, this was all you needed to know about Clash of Clans game. Visit httpswww.steemit.com for more info. Hope this was helpful!…

Gaming your way through the world

Gaming is one thing that is loved equally in all countries of the world. Thus, if you are someone who is in becoming a professional gamer, you are bound to find lots of love in the world. It would also help your cause if you get to know about the various international competitions that take place annually to decide the best gamer in a category or class. Such games often make their champion from one region go against another in order to decide the best player. It is a long and open event, anyone can take part in it. All you have to do is beat the regional competition and then you are invited to play at a higher level than the one you have just crossed over from. There are many games that host such annual championship competitions. One of them is Fortnite. It conducts an annual gamer’s fest for those who are interested in it. Players are called in from all over the world and they are provided real life, gamer experience with surround atmosphere and custom made gamepads for maximum efficiency. The winner and the top rank holders all get rich monetary rewards for their participation.

Finding an avenue:

Gaming is often regarded as a nonchalant activity that does not reward the player. People all over the world are encouraged to take up activities other than gaming to pursue an income that can help them to sustain a life for themselves. It is a select few of the very lucky that get to make their passion into their life. And it is not born overnight, you have to work for such an opportunity and beat the competition that you face along the way. With constant practice, you can make your skills and reflexes better, and then you start climbing up the ladder of success as you take out competitors after competitors. Once you have gained enough reputation and points on a game, once you have mastered the leaderboard that you list yourself on, you start to receive invites to play against players from other ranks and regions. Game developers even hire players to test their new games and make sure that they do not have any open-end left and are compatible with the other games in the industry. You can even become an independent consultant in the industry to lend your skills to different contractors all over.

The prize money and the contenders:

The gaming companies that fund the events have often given out large sums of money as the grand prize. This is to reward the dedication and skill of those playing in the event. If we are to give an example, the best one would be that or FIFA. The winner gets a huge cash bonus. They can be set for a long time to come. The prize money can be used to fund their campaigns and/or new businesses. It is a well-known story that those who take part and manage to claim the prize have often been able to set up their own businesses. If you want to be one of them then you should set a curriculum that builds your life around the concept of gaming. It will help you even out the playfield. In the initial parts of the journey, one might have to make do with makeshift setup and thus not be at par with the other players that take part in such events. Once you become adept at the gameplay, you can even the playing field by investing in better quality gear. One should not waste too much money in investing in high-grade gear if one does not plan to commit professionally.


The above-mentioned game is one of the largest played one. There are many players who take part in the annual championship that is organized by the makers of the game. They take part as a team and try to eliminate the other teams before they can do so to them. This works till there is only one team left in the fray and that team is declared as the winner. The winning team receives a huge monetary prize that leads them to further opportunities in the world of gaming. They can either choose to start their own firm or further their aspirations to become professional gamers by developing a fully equipped facility. The game is made into a first-person shooter strategy game where you play with your friends and try to take out the other team. Thus, you end up being the victor while the other team has to contend with coming in second. For more on the game, you can play it yourself and form your own legions and battalions. Take on the players from other factions, protect your own and establish your dominance over the game.

The game:

For those interested in learning more about it, you can become a part of it to gain experience before starting your own run. There are many online forums that act as a fan base for the hardcore fans of the game. And they have been made with just one sole purpose, to help the new gamer gain a foothold in an already established world and have a platform to seek answers from.

Through the course of the game, you can get upgrades and make new alliances. This will help you to gain new territories and take down enemies with increasing ease. There is no element of money associated with the game unless you want to make really cool purchases. Rest everything can be bought through in-game currency and tactical rewards.

You can also unlock new features as you advance from one level to another. Put in a few hours playing this game and you are bound to get the hang of it in some time. Thereafter, you can invite new players to join you and challenge other factions. It will help you in making your mark as a gamer in the community.…

Playing video games is just is the beginning of fun

Now let’s talk about video-games and especially one site called Kizi.cm which offers a wide variety of free online video-games. We have been hearing for decades some things like these:

Video games are toxic, they poison your head and ruin your life, in the other hand, there are some people who consider video-games as the ultimate method to get a better mental physical and mental health. So you must give Kizi.cm one try and start playing games now.

Does it sound familiar? Does it sound contradictory? Yeah I know it is a mess but we will try to shed some light on this issue.

The research into this area is still very much It is clear that the investigation about the convenience or not of playing video games is just in its beginning, many people argue for or against and we feel a little confused when they ask us about our opinion.

What does seem to be clear and in this most studies agree is that playing video games that have a high rate for a few hours a week can be beneficial for the brain, this is because the brain muscle is used to build models of the world and situations and adjusts to them to make decisions. That sounds logical, even more so when we are a great soldier fighting a tough battle anywhere in the world and with any kind of weapons and we want to keep our lives. That’s hard work!

all the pieces fit and the science endorses this, do not be discouraged, you should look for ways to enhance your mental abilities and playing video games is a very good option, do not forget that there are many options for you on our site, you will surely find what you are looking to have fun and grow in your skills and develop new and equally important ones.

I’m pretty sure this is something cool and you would like to improve our skills and abilities not just to win a badge on our favorite game at Kizi.cm but to be much more attentive and precise on our daily tasks, obviously, improving your learning skills is very good and you should try to be better each time.

We encourage you to visit Kizi.cm and discover a whole new world of fun and extraordinary adventures, you’ll get a lot of fun meanwhile you are doing such a great thing for your health and mental abilities. Please remember that you should not abuse the time you spend playing. Just do it for a little while and enjoy the great content you’ll find on the site.

These platforms are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are really easy to use, the player only has to enter the URL in his internet browser, using his smartphone, tablet or personal computer, when entering the site you will see that there is a menu that shows the different categories available with the corresponding titles, at this point the user will realize the immense offer that is available (and the most impressive thing is that it continues to increase with new editions of existing titles as well as with new ones Titles). What can parents do about this? Rather than punishing they must educate and regulate the time their children spend playing. Regulation is not connivance or tolerance, indeed, according to science, there may be certain benefits if people play responsibly.…