The Perfect Game For A Good Time Pass

In today’s world, there is a large number of things that a human can do which can keep him consumed all the time. When we talk about a good time pass, the things we consider doing is listening to music, watch a movie, go for an outing, play video games, etc. The best time pass and the thing which is innovating at a very high speed is gaming. Gaming is an act of playing, mainly used as a form of entertainment and time pass, and in some cases,it may provide you with some knowledge. A Video game can be played by anyone, you can play it alone or in teams, online or offline, etc. Video games can be played in multiple consoles like Playstation, Xbox, PC, Wii, mobile, etc.Nowadays, gaming has been taken to another level, and many people have taken them as a profession, just showing that how huge games have emerged to be the next big thing.

The game which is emerging to be one of the best in mobile is Clash of clans. It is a free mobile strategy video game. The game is developed by Supercell and it was released on iOS on August second, 2012 and, Android on October seventh, 2013. Clash of clans is one of the most trending games and is quite addictive.


Clash of clans is an online network game where each player is the chief of their village or base. The developers of the game have made everything easy for the player to understand the concept of the game as they give a full guide in-game and also help the player get all their basic necessities done before the player gets onto the main battlefield. Most important thing and around which is the game played is the Townhall. Every player starts with level 1 townhall, and as the game progresses the player can upgrade their townhall with the game currency.


Sinceit’s an online multiplayer game, you have to form a community or a group with the fellow players, the community is called a clan. You can either form a clan with random people whom you don’t know or you can either form a clan with your friends. Players can only join clans once they rebuild their special clan castle building.

Game Currencies

The game also allows you to build buildings, train troops and create spells. You can only get these by paying currency of the game. There are four currencies in this game, that are: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and gems. Gold can be acquired through gold mines in which the players have to build and they can store their gold in gold storage. Elixir can be obtained through elixir collector and is stored in elixir storages. Dark Elixir is only available to the player once he reaches townhall level 7. Gems are the premium currency and can only be bought through real life money. Gold in this game is utilized to generate vigilant buildings and is used to improve the townhall, upgrading the townhall allows access to more buildings and also the higher levels of the buildings you already have. You can also upgrade buildings with gold. Through elixir, you can train troops, you can upgrade the ability of your troops in the laboratory, and also reload X-bow once when you reach townhall level 9.


Buildings are one of the most important aspects of this game. There are many types of building which are available to the player. Those buildings include gold and elixir collector, gold and elixir storage, barracks, most important being townhall, clan castle, builder’s hut, dark elixir drill, dark elixir storage and several defensive buildings. Some of the defensive buildings include archer tower, mortar, cannon, tesla, air defense, walls, wizard tower, etc. All of the buildings can be improved as a player’s town hall stage increases.

Troops and magic spells

Troops can be obtained through dark barracks and barrack. The barrack creates troops through elixir and dark barracks using a dark elixir.

Spells are the magic entities of the game and it is obtained through spell factory. Normal spell through elixir and dark spell through dark elixir.

Clan Wars

The name of the game being a clash of clans derives that the game is all about clan wars, where two clans fight each other. Clan leaders and the co-leaders can begin a war against clans through matchmaking. Before every clan war, each team is given a preparation day and a war day. Clan war basically works where each member of the clan has to attack opposing clan member. Once the player attacks the opposing clan player, attacking player receives stars dependent on the total destruction which they incur to the base of the opposing clan member. The clan which has more stars than the other clan is declared victorious. Each player has a limit of only 2 attacks per clan war. If somehow both the teams score the same amount of stars then the result is taken out by the clan which has a greater percentage of destruction in the clan war. Players get loot once they attack the base and the loot is determined by supercell. The best base has the highest loot whereas the worst base has the least loot.

The player will only get his loot if his team wins the clan war, in the case of loss or a draw, only 1/3rd loot is given to the clan player.

Since the release of the game, the developers have introduced other game modes like friendly challenges, builder base. Supercell did an amazing job keeping the players still interested in the game by introducing these game modes and giving players more reason to play this game.

Clash of clans is the type of game which is quite addictive and urges a player to play the game every few minutes. The game has developed into a big brand now and is one of the most played games in mobile gaming. Supercell has done a good job in maintaining good servers and a delivering a smooth gameplay every time, with lots of different game modes making it one of the best, and the best remedy for a good time pass.